Monday, July 9, 2012

IED Alley

This post is NOT meant to scare mothers, fathers, wives, etc...It is to show just how protective our vehicles are, and how well trained our Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) teams are at their job. They take care of us every day.

IED's are a real threat, and are the #1 killer of ISAF soldiers in Afghanistan. However, in my area we have become pretty good at finding them before they find us.

Yesterday we were called up to recover a vehicle hit by an IED in our area. The vehicle ran over a pressure plate. A typical pressure plate has two boards with wires running across them-when the boards are pressed together and the wires touch the circuit is complete and the explosion follows.

The following picture is what happened to a M-ATV. Please take a look at just how in tact the crew compartment remained. The amount of technology and armor around the crew made sure that the worst injury sustained was a bad headache.

The insurgents had set 2 charges on the road. The truck above hit the first one. Our EOD team detonated the 2nd one.I shot the video below of our EOD crew detonating the 2nd charge. Thanks to good ol' American engineering, we are relatively safe from blasts like these.

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  1. Where was this taken it looks just like the security rode by my units cop Gundy ghar

  2. I do not want to post where exactly this happened. I will discuss it in a little more detail if you want to send me an email (